Market Your Small Business to Federal Government

1. Qualifications

When it involves qualifying for authorities contracts, it’s critical to recognize the very fundamentals from the get-go.

2. Understand Your Ideal Client

When advertising to the federal authorities, it’s critical to recognize your goal business enterprise. The SBA identifies 3 “client types” in the federal authorities that each enterprise need to familiarize themselves with.

3. Tailor Your Marketing Efforts Accordingly

The United States Government Services Administration (GSA) shows groups ask themselves 5 crucial questions so one can decide the right advertising approach to win authorities contracts. They are:

4. Find a Strategic Teaming Partner

There are heaps of high contractors obtainable inquisitive about subcontracting with small groups of a wide variety of their enterprise.

5. Network

There are numerous approaches wherein small groups can find others for strategic teaming.



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Government Marketing

Government Marketing

Since 2009, Government Marketing Inc. has been helping small businesses use their SBA Certifications and the GSA to its’ full potential.