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You have the chance to apply for and receive your SBA 8a certification if you are a small, minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), small disadvantaged company (SDB), or both.

However, obtaining SDB and SBA 8a certification requires that you satisfy legal requirements and persuade the SBA that your small business qualifies for enrollment in the 8a Program.

Many businesses rapidly learn that the application procedure is more complicated than they might have anticipated because applicants are unfamiliar with the in-depth study that the SBA undertakes.

Our SBA lawyers and government contracts 8a certification consultants are geographically situated to assist small businesses in getting SBA certified in ALL States when it comes to demonstrating how to become 8a certified:

· assistance from SBA 8a certification consultants and attorneys who regularly deal with important SBA certification challenges.

· In addition to providing 8a certification services, we sue the SBA when it makes mistakes, making us better qualified to evaluate your application.

· Consult with experts who are more than just document preparation firms.

· Flat charges are occasionally offered.

The SBA consultants and 8a federal contracts certification lawyers at Government Marketing, provide small businesses who want to increase their chances of gaining SBA certification on the first try with high-level advice.

· We deal with the legal and substantive difficulties both at the application and appeal stages daily as SBA 8a certification consultants and government contract small business development program experts.

SBA 8a Certification Services from A-Z

Our government contracts lawyers and SBA 8a certification consultants routinely help minority company companies with the intricate details of how to obtain 8a status by creating strong 8a application packages that concentrate on what the SBA looks for. Our services include assisting with legal difficulties, such as contractor fraud, that are frequently encountered when determining how to get 8a certified. Our 8a certification services are geared toward assisting clients who are having issues with things like:

· Concerns about net wealth, business partnerships and ownership, and, if necessary, social and economic narratives;

· Concerns with the Ostensible Subcontractor Rule and affiliation;

· Successful completion of the 8a Program;

· Support for SBA Business Plans

· Assistance with 8a certification and Reconsideration Requests;

· Fulfillment of 8a BD criteria;

· Small Business Fraud 8a Program; and

· SBA OHA accepts appeals for unfavorable 8a certification decisions.

· Aspects of the Service Contract Act and claims

· 8(a) contracts for Native Americans

· Contractor teaming agreements concerns and probable issues.

Why Us?

Numerous 8a consulting companies all across the US guarantee you will become 8a certified the first time. However, the same consulting businesses would recommend you hire a lawyer because they are not familiar with the legal issues if the SBA makes an illegal judgment or has major reservations about your application. Our 8a certification attorneys at Government Marketing are knowledgeable about the law. During the application process, we also dealt with complicated challenges.

Avoiding Expensive Errors Observed in the 8a Certification Application Process by SBA Consultants Below

The following are some typical reasons why 8a applications are rejected, according to court rulings at the SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals:

· Denied 8(a) applications. Because there was no evidence that a financial advance to the economically disadvantaged business owner was a loan that needed to be repaid, the SBA determined that the owner was not economically disadvantageous. Additionally, the SBA evaluated purchase contracts for corporate investments in real estate and an office for the applicant company in India. See ORB Solutions Inc., SBA No. BDPE-559, Matter of (2017).

· Denied 8a application. Because immigration status is not a protected ethnicity and the applicant’s claims of sexual bias were not sufficiently precise, SBA OHA agreed with SBA on this point. SBA No. BDPE-533, Matter of Express Plus Staffing LLC (2014)

· Application for 8A certification rejected. The SBA determined that the small business applicant had not demonstrated the ability to satisfy the 8a program’s business development objectives. You cannot challenge this. BDPE-551, Matter of A.J. Nesti Materials (2015).

Legal Analysis of 8a Status Affiliation and 8a Certification Assistance with SDB

Because of business association, illegal business links, and inadequate financials, small firms still fail in their SBA 8(a) application despite the SBA’s new standards reducing the criteria for narratives.

Understanding the 8a certification benefits and the application process For comprehensive assistance with minority business enterprise and small disadvantaged business evaluations, contact our SBA 8a lawyers and SDB certification specialists.

Avoid making costly errors by making false assertions. Your sworn statement attesting to the accuracy of your application is included with each SBA 8-a certification application. Our 8a certification consultants offer advice to reduce the likelihood of legal repercussions. Concerning SBA 8a certification application eligibility and challenges like satisfying the standards for their socially disadvantaged narrative, if necessary, we assist clients to avoid typical mistakes as a result of our successful results.

SBA unfavorable decisions appealed.

By appealing to the SBA OHA or going through the SBA 8a Reconsideration procedure, Watson’s 8a certification consultants may assist you in protecting your rights and zealously defending them if the SBA rejects your 8a status.

8a Certification Benefits — Track record of achievement

We have a track record of obtaining positive outcomes for our clients in the 8a Program thanks to decades of experience guiding our clients through the complexities of obtaining 8a status and avoiding costly errors with their SBA 8a certification application. We’ll increase your chances of filing a fruitful SBA 8-a application by offering the following:

· concise and thorough legal analysis;

· For SBA 8a certification, look out for case law to support your particular set of facts;

· assistance and direction throughout the whole SBA 8-A certification process; and

· examining the SDB status of the applicant utilizing SBA regulations.

· Services for HUBZone applications

Contact consultants from Government Marketing if you need assistance with your SBA 8a application, information on how to apply for 8a status, or any other questions about becoming 8a certified.



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