3 Ways To Market Your Business To The Government Agencies

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The federal government of the United States has moved from in-house production and procurement to those with federal contracts on Multiple Awards Schedules and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) of the GSA to find acquisition solutions. GSA contractors have a definite advantage because government agencies look for these contractors to purchase goods and services.

You can easily access a wide network of federal state and local government agencies to buy products and services with a GSA Schedule. You will get numerous government contracting opportunities but you will need to compete with other companies to obtain federal contracts. So that is why we recommend you become proactive about advertising your solutions or products and services to government agencies.

In order to promote your business and market your products and services, you will need to understand the basics of government marketing. It will get a greater chance of success selling your products and services through a GSA Schedule. There are three ways to improve the presence of your company in the government marketplace.

In this blog, we are going to explain these three ways so that you can get an idea about marketing your business to government agencies.

Importance of government marketing

Government marketing is important for companies that are into government contracting in the federal market. It helps to promote your business and define your brand. Marketing is a way to increase visibility in a market and that is why you should consider marketing your company and your offerings to government agencies. Through government marketing, you will be able to reach the federal agencies and they will be able to understand your company and your offerings in a better way. As a result, obtaining government contracts will be easier for your company.

Consider your value to the government agencies

In order to obtain a GSA Schedule, you will need to put effort and time. Don’t think your business will automatically get government contracts after obtaining the GSA certification. You must actively market your business to government customers just the way you market your business to customers in the private sector. Defining a marketing strategy for reaching your target audience is the first step that you should take. You will need to begin by examining the mission and values of the government agencies that you are targeting. You will need to understand how your products and services meet the needs of your customers. You will also need to understand how your company can help to solve the problem of an agency and support its mission.

Address the following questions in order to understand your value to government agencies:

· Which government do agencies need the products and services that you are offering?

· How can your company help the government meet its objectives, goals, and mission?

· What part of your products or services has appealed to your previous customers?

Once you are done assessing your company’s value, start conducting research into government agencies. Ask yourself why would a government agency require your products and services. Research their budgets, check out the records, and determine whether your company can meet the demands of the agency or not.

So at the beginning stage of government marketing, you will need to consider your value to the government agencies.

Heighten your company’s web presence

After looking at your company’s value you should look at ways to optimize your company’s web presence. It is important to have a web address so that you can provide the address to prospective customers. It will help prospective customers to look directly at your government-focused products or services. Your company’s website should have all the information about your company and your offerings:

· Contract information

· Past performance

· Core competence

· Differentiators

· Corporate data

· Contact information

· Downloadable case studies

· Downloadable government capabilities statements

· Links to your GSA eLibrary webpage

· Links to the GSA Advantage webpage

· Supported agency logos

So make sure to have a strong company web presence for effective government marketing strategy.

Create an effective capability statement

Your company must have a government-focused capabilities statement. Note that a capabilities statement has to be very brief, direct, and specific to the individual agency’s needs. This capabilities statement serves as a living document that will change depending on the targeted agency. Your capabilities statement needs to align with the mission, and needs of a government agency. It is because each agency has its specific mission, vision, and goals. Make sure that your capabilities statement can address the goals directly. Five important topics should be mentioned in your capabilities statement and these are:

· Core competencies

· Past performance

· Differentiators

· Corporate data

· Contact information

So creating an effective capabilities statement is also necessary for government marketing.


Simply follow these three ways to market your company and your offerings to the government agencies of the United States.



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